Wedding Reportage Commissions

I like to think of wedding photography as the best of two photographic disciplines: photojournalism and fashion photography. Photojournalists are doing some of the most important work in photography, possessing unique storytelling skills while thinking quickly on their feet and anticipating the next move. The fashion photographer uses directorial skills, lighting and choice of location to make unspeakably stylish and arresting images. For both photographers, the camera and lights are an extension of their hands, their eyes. The bulk of the wedding assignment is completed by the photojournalist, while fewer but still very important images are made by the fashion shooter. Because of this balance I refer to my approach to wedding photography as “reportage.”

Why is my reportage approach the best way to shoot your wedding? A photographer who covers your day with a reportage approach delivers not only an honest and relevant photo story, but your day is also left to unfold as you planned it, with the photographer rarely controlling the events. The photos are a glorious, gritty, beautiful, celebratory record of your day, captured by a thinking, creative individual utilizing a fly-on-the-wall approach. And the photographer switches gears when necessary to apply the art and craft of fashion photography whenever the carefully posed and composed images need to be made.

I was weaned on photojournalism from the day the yearbook advisor stopped me in the halls of the high school. For four years my camera went into every classroom and to every sporting event. I was so certain of my path, that at Ohio University I wanted to join the ranks of the awesome, award-winning graduates with photojournalism degrees. But something happened that distracted me: I saw an issue of Paris Vogue. I was so taken by the fabulous use of location, lighting, fabric and models that I now wanted to conquer that discipline. So my degree in Visual Communications had an emphasis on commercial photography. I later worked for a studio in Cleveland and learned the basics of the real-world photo business, and then trekked off to New York, spending five years assisting some of the busiest fashion shooters in town. We shot so many catalogues we couldn’t keep track. After moving back to my home town, I found a new discipline: I was hired, and still am, to photograph the people featured in magazines. I was photographing “real” people. I found out something important: that there is a true beauty in everyone, and it can be captured in a photograph. And I had come full circle, in a way. I was applying the fashion and photojournalism in the work I was doing.

So this year I made a decision to make myself happy: I wanted to maximize all three of the photographers that I have been: the Photojournalist, the Fashion Shooter, and the Editorial Portrait Shooter. The best way to do that is to shoot weddings. So I have begun to accept limited commissions for my wedding reportage specialty.

Is the reportage style right for your day? Look at the samples of my work below. You can see that the approach sometimes results in very expressive but rough looking images. The mood of the moment carries the weight in those photos, not the technical aspects, although it might be argued that the technique adds to the photo in a way that super-crisp imagery might not. I believe that the record of the day is well-served by the combination of disciplines that I have devoted my career to.

– Jerry Mann.

Here is your typical investment for a Wedding Reportage Commission:

8 hour day. $2500. $350 per additional hour

4 hour day. $1250. $350 per additional hour

Add a 2 hour photo shoot for engagement session or other purpose. In Studio: $350. On Location: $450.

Pricing includes pre-planning meeting, photo processing, a one year online gallery, a disc with high rez jpegs, and a bound photo book with my interpretation of your day.

Hair/Make Up available starting at $100. Extreme retouching requested is at $75 per hour. Location fees and additional expenses are billable. 14 day digital delivery includes unlimited personal usage license, unless otherwise agreed upon. Photos are © Jerry Mann.

Does not include 8% sales tax. Pricing subject to change. One half payment due at contract signing. Balance due upon delivery. Accepting cash, check or credit card (+3% swipe fee).